Top 10 Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Arizona

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Can you have chickens in your backyard in Arizona? Yes, you can! Recently, Arizona passed laws permitting more backyard chickens and casitas. According to 13News, Gov. Hobbs signs bills on May 21, 2024, allowing homeowners to do more with their backyards. Nevertheless, many localities within the Grand Canyon State have their own chicken-keeping guidelines that you must adhere to. To give you some ideas, I've listed a few Arizona municipalities along with their chicken-keeping laws below:

1. Phoenix, AZ

You can have backyard chickens in Phoenix, Arizona, but under certain conditions. For starters, roosters are not allowed. Additionally, you must not keep your chicken enclosure within 8 feet of any residence within the City. The only exception to this rule is if you obtain written permission from your neighbors. You must keep your chickens in an enclosure so secure as to prevent them from going at large.

You may not keep more than 20 hens on a property of one-half acre or less. Then for every additional one-half acre, an additional 20 hens are allowed. On property larger than two and one-half acres, the number of hens you can keep is not restricted, per Phoenix City Code.

2. Tucson, AZ

The maximum number of chickens you can have within the city limits of Tucson is 24. However, there are specific guidelines you need to adhere to. For example, the city code states that you must not keep your chicken coop within 50 feet of any dwelling house.

In addition, you are required to keep your chicken coop in a clean and sanitary condition. Further, the keeping of male chickens (roosters) or guinea fowl is prohibited within the city.

3. Mesa, AZ

Per the City of Mesa's website, the keeping of backyard chickens is allowed within the city limits. However, the number of chickens you can have is contingent upon the size of your property. For example, the website says no more than 10 chickens may be kept on lots less than ½ acre. Furthermore, you may keep roosters only if they do not create a noise disturbance. Otherwise, you must remove them to avoid a citation.

4. Chandler, AZ

Beginning Jan. 5, 2023, Chandler residents are allowed to raise up to five chickens per single-family property. However, the keeping of roosters remains prohibited. You must house your hens in a secured chicken coop, the outer edge of which may not be closer than 5 feet from any property line.

The City Code also prohibits chicken coops from exceeding the height of the surrounding property wall. Furthermore, you may be required to obtain a building permit if your chicken coop exceeds 120 square feet in size and is connected to utilities (electricity or water).

5. Gilbert, AZ

Located in Maricopa County, Arizona, just southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert is one of the fastest-rising communities in the United States. Its municipal code allows for the keeping of backyard chickens but under certain rules.

For example, all chickens must be kept in a suitable enclosure and not be permitted to run at large. Additionally, you must not allow your chicken coop to emit an offensive, disagreeable, or noxious smell or odor. Further, you are required to clean your chicken coop at least twice a week.

6. Scottsdale, AZ

Yes, you can have chickens in Scottsdale, AZ! However, some restrictions apply. The City's municipal code requires that chicken pens or coops be so maintained that they do not become a public health nuisance. Chicken manure and droppings must be removed from the pens or enclosures at least twice weekly. Furthermore, the city code prohibits male chickens due to noise disturbances.

7. Tempe, AZ

In Tempe, AZ, chickens are considered "small animals," the keeping of which is allowed in all residential districts with single-family dwellings. On an individual lot, a maximum of five chickens may be kept. Except in the AG district, the keeping of roosters and peafowl is not allowed within the city limits. Then again, keeping hens in a manner that constitutes a nuisance is prohibited, per the city's website.

8. Surprise, AZ

Backyard chickens are allowed in Surprise, AZ, and a maximum of 25 chickens may be kept on property of one-half acre. The city's municipal code requires that chicken enclosures be so constructed as to prevent any chicken therein from escaping. In addition, you must keep your chicken enclosure in such a condition as to not constitute a public health nuisance.

9. Yuma, AZ

With written permission from neighbors, the keeping of chickens within 80 feet of a residence is allowed in Yuma, AZ. The keeping of chickens in the front yard area of any lot or parcel is prohibited within the city. For each one-half acre of lot area, a maximum of 20 chickens is allowed. For areas larger than two and one-half acres, the number of backyard chickens you can have is not limited. Male chickens are prohibited within the city limits except they are incapable of making vocal noises.

10. Flagstaff, AZ

The City of Flagstaff recognizes backyard chickens as a sustainable, healthy, and fun source of food. As a result, it's legal to keep chickens within the city limits with a permit. That said, the keeping of roosters, geese, peafowl, and turkeys is not allowed. Per the city's website, you may not keep more than 5 hens if your property is less than 20,000 square feet.
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