How Many Pets (Dogs/Cats) Can You Own in Maine?

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To ensure the safety and health of both humans and animals, animal laws are established. These regulations also are put into place to foster positive community environments. If you reside in the state of Maine, you may be wondering what the animal laws are. Specifically, you may be wondering how many pets are considered too many in the Pine Tree State. Alas, there is no candid answer. That's because there is no statewide pet limit law in Maine.

Instead, individual localities are tasked with enacting their bylaws. So, regarding how many pets you can own in Maine, the simple answer is it depends on the animal control laws in your city, which may be lenient or very strict.

In most Maine cities, keeping more than 3 dogs is deemed to be a nuisance. Cat ownership, on the other hand, is not often regulated. It’s best to check with your city clerk or local animal control for specific laws regarding pet ownership. On the other hand, you can conduct a search online for your local animal ordinance.

Meanwhile, I've listed some Maine municipalities and their pet limit laws below.


In the city of Lewiston, ME, no more than four dogs over four months old are allowed per household. As required by Maine state law, every dog in Lewiston must have a city license. The City Code does not restrict the number of cats you can own. However, cats, dogs, and other allowable animals must not be a public nuisance.


The City of Bangor, ME, limits each household to a maximum of three dogs, imposing no limit on cats. This restriction does not apply to dogs under six months of age. The city has a barking or howling dog law which prohibits dogs from barking for 15 minutes or more, without falling silent for more than one minute.

South Portland

South Portland's animal control ordinance allows for a household to have no more than 3 dogs over the age of six months. The ordinance does not limit the number of cats you can own. As a dog owner, you are required not to permit your canine to disturb the peace of any person by loud, frequent, or habitual barking.


In Auburn, ME, no more than three dogs may be kept in or about any multifamily premises. This limitation does not apply to offspring under four months old. Like other cities, Auburn does not impose a limit on cat ownership. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the Auburn, Maine - Code of Ordinances for additional info.


Unless you reside in a Rural Residential (R-R) Zone, you may not own more than 4 dogs in the City of Waterville, ME. In R-R Zones, a maximum of 10 dogs is permitted be to kept. When not on their owner's property, all dogs must be leashed, as required by the City Code. There is no limitation on cat ownership in Waterville, ME.


Up to four dogs over six months of age are allowed per household in Brewer, ME. Anything more than that is considered to be a nuisance. This restriction, however, does not apply to licensed kennels nor does it apply to licensed pet shops. There is no limit to the number of cats you can own here, per the City Code.

Are there any dog breeds banned or restricted in Maine?

Maine is one of the few states that do not allow breed-specific legislation (BSL). Nevertheless, many cities and towns in Maine have dangerous dog laws. However, unlike BSL, which focuses on specific dog breeds, a dangerous dog law focuses on any dog with a known propensity to attack unprovoked.
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