How Many Pets (Dogs/Cats) Can You Own in Colorado?

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We all know that Colorado is known for its landscape of mountains, but how many pets can you actually have here? At the state level, there is no law regulating the number of pets you can own. At the local level, however, there are regulations. That means the maximum number of pets you can own in Colorado depends on your specific location and its bylaws. Most cities in Colorado have rules in their Code of Ordinances that dictate the maximum number of pets residents can have.

You can search for your municipality's Code of Ordinances online and locate the animal section to see the pet ownership laws that apply to you. Alternatively, you can give a call to your local animal control office. Meanwhile, below are some Colorado municipalities and the maximum number of pets allowed in them.


In 2021, Denver topped the list of the top ten emerging dog-friendly cities in the country, per a survey by Zillow and Rover. According to The Denver Post, Denver took the top spot, in part, because it has many properties with pet-friendly features. However, what is the maximum number of pets allowed per household here? The total number of pets a household can have is regulated by the Denver Zoning Code. According to the Code, a household may have five domestic animals in total.

However, the law dictates that no more than three of the 5 animals can be dogs. But all five animals can be cats. If you are a dog and cat person in Denver, you can own, for example, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Just so you know, the ownership of Pit bulls is restricted in the city of Denver. To own one, you must first obtain a "breed-restricted permit." For additional info, please refer to Sec. 8-67. of Denver's Code of Ordinances.

Colorado Springs

If you are a resident of the City of Colorado Springs, you can own up to 4 cats and 4 dogs. Exceeding this limit is considered a kennel, which is prohibited in residential zones. All dog and cat owners are required to have their pets vaccinated and licensed. If you are a property owner in Colorado Springs, you are allowed to keep up to ten rabbits or chickens in addition to dogs and cats. Please refer to the City Regulations for Animals for additional info.


The City of Aurora allows a maximum of three dogs per household. This limitation, however, does not apply to a litter of puppies under the age of four months. If you are a cat person, you can own as many as you can care for in Aurora, as the City Code does not dictate the number of house felines you can have. For dog owners, Aurora has a "barking" law, which makes it unlawful to keep a dog that frequently or habitual barks. However, you won't be summoned by authorities unless at least two or more neighbors have filed a complaint.

Fort Collins

The municipality of Fort Collins is a great place for zoophilists (lovers of animals). Why? For one thing, the municipality does not limit the number of domestic animals you can own, provided, however, they have adequate care. Fort Collins requires that all pet dogs, cats, and ferrets, as well as all other legally permitted pets be licensed, vaccinated, and leashed if they are off your yard.


The municipality of Lakewood allows residents to own up to five household animals, with a limit of three per species. For example, you can own 3 dogs and 2 cats or 3 cats and 2 dogs, but you can not own 4 dogs or cats. Animals you can own as household pets in Lakewood, CO, include but are not limited to dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks, pot-belly pigs, chinchillas, and dwarf goats.


Each household in the city of Thornton is limited to 4 domestic animals, including dogs, cats, and one mini pig. This limitation, however, does not apply to domestic birds, fish, snakes (under six feet), and reptiles that are nonpoisonous and do not pose a health risk. All dogs, cats, and pot-bellied pigs over six months of age are required to be vaccinated and wear the rabies tag, although a city license is not required for them, according to the City Clerk.

Banned or Restricted Dog Breeds in Colorado

There is no state-wide breed-specific legislation (BSL) in Colorado that bans dog breeds believed to be dangerous to humans and other animals. However, individual municipalities in the Centennial State have the power to enact their own BSL. For example, as I pointed out earlier, owning a Pitbull in the city of Denver without a permit is prohibited. In most Colorado municipalities, the following breeds of dogs are either banned or restricted:
  1. Pitbulls
  2. Dogo Argentino
  3. Presa Canario
  4. Ca de Bou
  5. Tosa Inu
  6. Cane Corso
  7. Fila Brasileiro

Top Pet-friendly Cities in Colorado

In 2023, the city of Colorado Springs ranked #1 as the most pet-friendly city in the U.S., according to CPR, citing PetLab Co. Fort Collins municipality also performed the best, ranking 9th. Denver and Aurora also made their way to the list of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. According to Rover, here are the top 10 dog-friendly destinations in Colorado:
  1. Colorado Trail
  2. Black Forest Park
  3. Breckenridge
  4. Union Reservoir Dog Beach
  5. Durango Dog Park
  6. Cheyenne Meadows Dog Park
  7. Lowry Dog Park
  8. Buckskin Joe Frontier Town and Railway
  9. Meadowlark Trail Loop
  10. Estes Park/Roosevelt National Forest
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